Hagan Properties

Hagan Properties


Hagan Properties is a full-service real estate development company specializing in the development, redevelopment, leasing, management and marketing of shopping centers, apartments and condominiums in Kentucky.

Founded in 1996, Hagan Properties has grown into a major real estate developer in Kentucky.

Hagan Properties currently owns 5 shopping centers totaling approximately 1,150,000 square feet and has developed and sold an additional 825,000 square feet of shopping centers. Hagan Properties currently has under development 900,000 square feet of shopping centers, 1,350 apartments and over 600 condominiums.

The growth of Hagan Properties can be attributed to its discipline in implementing its strategy of developing dominant shopping centers, apartment communities and condominium communities in their respective trade areas, persistence during the acquisition and approvals process, closely implementing detail during construction and maintaining a talented staff of acquisition, development, sales, property management and accounting personnel.